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6 Wolves Bài hát & amp; Football Chants

Bark at the loon, keep tut track.

308 Those Were the Days Classic Wolves anthem, not the full version though. Danh sách bài hát
745 When the Wolves Go Marching In I wanna be in that number Danh sách bài hát
869 Stand Up If You Love the Wolves Simple but effective. Danh sách bài hát
1148 Barmy Army Sung over and over again. Good Wolves ringtone. Danh sách bài hát
1394 We Hate Albion Had to put this one in Wolves football chant anthems. Danh sách bài hát
1791 Get Into 'Em Sung to get the lads going. Danh sách bài hát
1904 You're Not Singing Anymore Chanted when its all gone quite Danh sách bài hát
2218 We All Hate Leeds Dirty Northern B@stards Danh sách bài hát
2271 Are You Watching BBC? Shouted at the ref for giving the opposition soft free kicks Danh sách bài hát
2305 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Keogh Another for super striker Andy Keogh. Danh sách bài hát
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2345 Freddy Eastwood Our former striker Danh sách bài hát
2618 We Beat the S*** 1-0 Fair and square no bother. Danh sách bài hát
2846 Nouha Dicko / Bakary Sako Great song for Nouha Dicko, Wolves French winger, signed from Wigan and Bakary Sako our French born Malian International. (Ed: Man City started the "There's No Limits" tune to a footie song with Yaya/ Kolo Toure, Leeds did it with the Warnocks too). Danh sách bài hát
3106 It's Magic You Know (Dicko, Afobe Sako) For Afobe, Dicko and Sako. It's sung to the tune of "It's Magic You Know" by Pilot Danh sách bài hát
3195 2-1 Yeeeaaah Danh sách bài hát
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