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15 Celtic Bài hát & amp; Football Chants

Are the hoops the loudest in the world?

110 Champions 67 Song about Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967 Danh sách bài hát
149 Just Can't Get Enough Sung by the green brigade. (Ed: The Original that spawned many copies - similar with a lot of Celtic songs actually) Danh sách bài hát
150 Celtic Symphony Thanks to Brad Aitchison for the lyrics, sorry the recording isn't the full song. Danh sách bài hát
151 This Land Is Your Land This Celtic ringtone is chorus only. Ed: New better audio added 3/2012) Danh sách bài hát
301 Glasgow Celtic Champions Sung at games now. (Recording just added. Ed: Makes a fine ringtone) Danh sách bài hát
302 Come on You Bhoys in Green Powerful and stirring Green Brigade song Danh sách bài hát
529 Can You Hear the Rangers Sing? We hate Rangers Danh sách bài hát
605 Woah Celtic Great Celtic chant Danh sách bài hát
829 Go Home Off you go then Danh sách bài hát
1373 ACAB For dibble Danh sách bài hát
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1858 Aiden McGeady (Clap) For Aiden McGeady (born 4 April 1986). Ex Winger and Rep Of Ireland Int'l, as written currently playing for Spartak Moscow Danh sách bài hát
2280 We're off to Wembley We're the famous Glasgow Celtic and we're off! Danh sách bài hát
3000 Build a Bonfire Celtic fans singing v Hearts at Tynecastle 30.11.14. Not the best of friends in the Scottish League Danh sách bài hát
3586 Sebo Celtic taking the p*ss chanting for Rangers to bring on Sebo (he's cr*p!) Danh sách bài hát
3669 The Soldiers' Song (Irish National Anthem) Thanks to Fionn for the lyrics Danh sách bài hát
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