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3 Arsenal Bài hát & amp; Football Chants

Gooners in full voice - you couldn't call this boring!

2 And It's Arsenal Another classic anthem from the Gooners. Danh sách bài hát
4 We Love You Arsenal Arsenal chant, makes a classic ringtone. Danh sách bài hát
11 Arsenal Till I Die Sung at every game Danh sách bài hát
18 Oooh to Be a Gooner Top sounds for a ringtone, favourite Arsenal fanchant. New audio added 10.2013 Danh sách bài hát
19 Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal Another version of Arsenal repeated over and over. Makes a decent ringtone. Danh sách bài hát
30 1-0 to the Arsenal 1-0 To The Arsenal Danh sách bài hát
111 Stand Up for the Arsenal Arise and sing for the Arsenal Danh sách bài hát
122 We All Follow the Arsenal (Version 2) Great sound - over Tottenham as oppsed to Leicester on this version Danh sách bài hát
140 Robin Van Persie - He Scores When He Wants Arsenal's new record: 35 Premier league goals in 2011 calendar year! Enough said. Danh sách bài hát
164 Arsenal Pass the Ball Took the piss at Anfield, as opposed to Liverpool hoof the ball (see other chant) Danh sách bài hát
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179 Nananana Giroud New Signing for 2012, French striker. Ligue 1 top scorer 10/11. Better quality audio added 6.10.13 Danh sách bài hát
180 We Paid for Your Hats To the stewards and the police Danh sách bài hát
203 Who's That Team We Call the Arsenal? Another version of this lovely classic Danh sách bài hát
206 We All Follow the Arsenal Everywhere basically
209 There's Only One Arsene Wenger The one and only, best manager to grace the premier league. Danh sách bài hát
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